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Are People Really Using ChatGPT Instead of Google?

On X, I’ve seen humans put up approximately how they’re starting to use ChatGPT an increasing number of.

Many of these humans talk approximately how they don’t even use Google anymore.


As marketers, you can’t fear about whether or not Google is converting or now not, more so you just need to adapt.

But before we cross into adapting, permit’s have a look at the information to look if human beings are genuinely the use of ChatGPT in preference to Google.

The upward thrust of ChatGPT


Even though ChatGPT within reason new in evaluation to the age of the Internet, Open AI (which owns ChatGPT) isn’t.

OpenAI was based in December 2015.


And what they were running on over the years has brought about ChatGPT.

But permit’s take a look at the records…


Look how speedy ChatGPT has climbed in recognition in step with Google Trends.

It’s how they emerge as one of the maximum famous websites in much less than a yr’s time.


According to Similar Web, it’s the twenty fourth most famous web page inside the international.

But while you dive into the statistics, you may get a better photograph of what is definitely taking place.

First off, observe how ChatGPT has been trending in only the remaining 365 days in keeping with Google Trends.


Sure, whilst you examine the above Google Trends chart you spot it climbing at a speedy tempo, however its increase is slowing down.

I understand what you are wondering… Google Trends doesn’t inform the complete tale, and it doesn’t.

ChatGPT’s visitors numbers

Let’s observe ChatGPT’s (OpenAI) traffic numbers in contrast to search engines like Google and Bing.


According to Similar Web, ChatGPT had 1.639 billion site visitors in January. Up 7% from the previous month.

During the same period, Google had 86.Fifty seven billion site visitors (up 2.8% from the previous month) and Bing had 1.359 billion site visitors (up 3.9% from the preceding month).


In February, Google and Bing saw visitors declines, however February is a shorter month.

If you upload 2 extra days in February like January, Google’s site visitors could have been roughly the same from January to February.

On the flipside, ChatGPT saw a 1.9% visitors boom in February even though the month turned into 2 days shorter than the preceding one.

So even though it’s extraordinarily famous, its increase price is slowing down… it isn’t mountaineering at a fast tempo like it as soon as changed into.

It’s additionally at scale, and its modern extent received’t keep growing at a loopy tempo like 5% a month.

And if they have been fortunate to get that five% growth in keeping with month it would take them roughly 6.Eight years to get to Google’s site visitors ranges.


And that’s just Google.Com. It doesn’t consist of Google global sites like India, UK, France, and many others… that are extraordinarily popular and nevertheless growing too.

I know 6.Eight years isn’t that long… however keep in mind the statistics is showing Google remains seeing visitors boom, it’s not flat, so in idea, it would take plenty longer.

Although I don’t suppose ChatGPT will develop 5% a month usually over 6 years, they’ll see spikes after they release new products and they may nevertheless grow in popularity (I simply don’t know by means of how a great deal).

But again, massive tech organizations will even see boom in popularity as they release more AI-related products and features.

These products won’t be as properly as OpenAI’s, but they may nonetheless gobble up some marketplace share.


What most of the people get wrong

I’m no longer doubting humans while they say they are the usage of ChatGPT.


And there are even use instances in which I use it over Google… and who knows over the years there likely might be even extra use instances if Google can’t get Gemini to a place where people are glad with it.

But that doesn’t imply if one succeeds the other fails.

There is a use case for both.

There is a use case for search consequences pages with 10 blue hyperlinks on a page… and there is a use case for no blue links on a web page in which you just get a solution.

It depends on what people are attempting to find.

A lot of the AI use cases are human beings asking questions and trying answers.


But did you realize that Google generates 8.Five billion searches a day?

15% of them are state-of-the-art searches that human beings haven’t ever looked for earlier than on Google.

And 6% are questions… you may find out a variety of those questions the use of tools like Answer the Public.

A massive chew of the searches a good way to get disrupted are question-based searches.

There might be more than that of direction that gets affected, but questions are a very good chunk of it.

At NP Digital we did a take a look at with 283 folks who are seeing SGE based totally consequences within Google to look what percentage of the quest queries it has affected.

It become 17.41%.

But there are a few problems…

It’s a small sample size.

People obviously search for different things so you don’t know what number of the hunt outcomes it is actually affecting.

It’s too new and even Google hasn’t completely figured out how they may be going to integrate SGE inside effects. It will alternate over the years similar to their algorithm constantly does.

The most possibly final results

The probably state of affairs is there can be a couple of structures that are famous and could be used for exceptional use instances.


For instance, in spite of the upward thrust of TikTok, Snap, and different social platforms, Facebook has accomplished properly.

Most human beings I speak to assert they don’t use it. But the numbers don’t display that.


Facebook has over three billion monthly lively users, and it hasn’t declined yet.

And when you observe ad revenue it nevertheless generates extra money than Instagram.

In america on my own it money owed for 51.9% in their advert revenue.

Sure Instagram is growing at a quicker tempo… but Facebook isn’t dying, it’s nonetheless growing.

And much like there may be Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snap, and plenty of different options, they all do properly.


We won’t assume some of them are sexy anymore, however they’re all multi-billion greenback businesses.

Similarly, Google and Bing will adapt and nevertheless exist along the edges of OpenAI and Anthropic.


So how are you going to adapt?

The extra channels and systems there are, the better for you.

Yes, it’s miles more paintings, but it provides diversification and more possibilities for growth.


Now one component that agencies have to do is try to optimize for those AI structures.

When humans ask them a query, you’ll need your company, merchandise, and offerings to be recommended.

I posted an editorial inside the beyond on the way to get referred to extra on those AI structures.


It works… we generate customers from it.



ChatGPT will not make Google disappear. Google and other search engines will adapt.

You may find sure players losing marketplace proportion over time, and that’s nice.

Whether they adapt, or exchange, there’s not a whole lot to be able to stress approximately.

Instead, consciousness on what you may manipulate. Leverage these structures to your benefit.

Just like how we consciousness on ensuring Gemini and ChatGPT always advise my advert company, NP Digital.

And by means of the way, if you want assist with that, just reach out to us.


Focus on adapting and leveraging all structures… irrespective of what they’ll appear to be in the future.


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