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How to Leverage the SEO Skyscraper Technique for Success

On common, the primary end result on a search engine results web page (SERP) receives 39.Eight percentage of clicks. That’s double what the second result gets (18.7 percentage) and 4 instances as lots as the third result (10.2 percentage)
What do the pinnacle results on a SERP typically have in not unusual?
They frequently have the best wide variety of backlinks, or as a minimum a excessive quantity of great backlinks.
Just test this primary SERP position for the key-word “virtual advertising”
How do you observed the ones one-way links are completed?
There isn’t any doubt that many one way links are constructed organically. That is, a website publishes a submit this is so precise that web sites obviously find it and hyperlink to it from their internet site. It’s hyperlink constructing 101,
The reality is, although, that’s now not how most back links are achieved. Instead, it regularly takes intentional paintings from digital entrepreneurs to construct their hyperlink profile. One way to obtain that is with the Skyscraper Technique.
Simply positioned, in case you aren’t presently the use of the Skyscraper Technique to construct your link profile, your competition probably are.
In this submit, I’ll give an explanation for how the Skyscraper Technique works and why you must recall giving it a attempt. I’ll then proportion my step-by-step guide for enforcing it with the assist of Ubersuggest so you can begin building—or bulking up—your back link profile.
What Is the search engine marketing Skyscraper Technique?
The Skyscraper Technique is a link constructing method in which you find pinnacle-ranking content material with back-links from reliable publishers, create your personal model of the content (however higher!), after which offer up your content material as a alternative linking choice for publishers.
The intention is to improve your own back link profile.
What Makes the SEO Skyscraper Technique
It’s absolutely possible to obtain “natural” back links.
You write a top-notch publish, you sell it on social media, you rank nicely on search engines like google and yahoo, and the back links will come!
That’s all properly and true, however any digital marketer is aware of that the above steps don’t always shake out how you anticipate. Also, it takes large time to rank on serps and you can’t usually plan what is going to cross viral on social media.
That’s where the Skyscraper Technique for hyperlink constructing comes in.
When a internet site is already linking to an out of doors useful resource on a topic, it’s because they don’t have an internal useful resource that meets the need. This gives you the possibility to fill that want.
Take this Wix put up on optimizing pictures on your website, as an example:
The simple reality is that maximum websites will want to hyperlink to the satisfactory useful resource on a topic assuming the authentic linked domain isn’t one among their own.
So if you may create a better piece of content, then possibilities are you may enhance your one way link profile exponentially. All you have to do is put yourself available.
The SEO Skyscraper Technique: Step-with the aid of-Step Guide
The search engine optimization Skyscraper Technique can be damaged down into 3 steps at its most fundamental stage.
Step 1: Find Relevant Content with Reputable
How do which content material you ought to goal?
There are ways to go approximately finding content material to apply for the Skyscraper Technique, both of which can be performed with my loose key-word studies tool Ubersuggest.
By Competitor Domain
The first is to look at pinnacle-ranking competitor domain names, narrow it right down to the content material that has the finest range of back links, after which create content that improves upon that specific piece of content material.
You can achieve this with the Top Pages with the aid of Traffic report in Ubersuggest:
Simply enter your competitor’s domain after which sort by using one-way links. You may also should filter out thru some results, like the homepage and landing pages (e.G. Neilpatel.Com/ubersuggest/)
Once you’ve finished that, although, you’ll see the pinnacle content pages for a internet site.
Let’s say you’ve searched “neilpatel.Com” and you discover my article titled “What is Content Marketing, and Why Is It Important?” You can choose to target the broad keyword “content material advertising and marketing” or the lengthy-tail keyword “what is content material advertising and marketing.”
You can now paintings thru steps two and three of the Skyscraper Technique as outlined below.
The 2d way to discover relevant content material thoughts is to take a look at keywords you want to goal.
Using Ubersuggest’s Keyword Ideas tool, you could look for an preliminary keyword to analyze the month-to-month seek quantity, price in line with click on (CPC), and search engine marketing problem (additionally referred to as opposition):
You can also select to move forward together with your original keyword concept or select one from the “Keyword Ideas” segment of the document.
Now allow’s see what content is presently ranking for the keyword you’ve chosen:
The goal is to pick the content material with the maximum one way links. This is because one-way links are a vote of self belief from other web sites, so the greatest wide variety of oneway links suggests that content material is currently the excellent on the
However, you could goal multiple content material piece at a time, mainly if their subjects are close like the Ahrefs and Single Grain examples above.
From right here, you may start to paintings on a piece of writing titled “X search engine optimization Techniques to Drive Traffic” or some thing along the ones strains.
Step 2: Create a Better Version of the Content
When enhancing upon another internet site’s content, there are a few regions to take into account.
The first is the duration of the post. While longer content material doesn’t always same better content material, you could discover an opportunity to feature or enlarge upon sections that the unique cloth omitted.
Let’s say the authentic piece of content is titled “The 25 Best Restaurants in NYC.” How can you stage up? Aim for 30 or even 50 recommendations for your own article!
This isn’t usually so clean to obtain with non-list-primarily based articles, but it’s still
If I’m enhancing upon a guide titled “The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your First Email Campaign,” I may take a look at aggressive articles to find any lacking sections. For instance, I may observe the pinnacle 10 articles with that keyword and recognise that a section on writing a captivating challenge line is lacking or poorly accomplished. Then I can add that section to my very own model of the same article so that you can clearly growth the general length of the piece.
On a scale of 1 to ten, how actionable is your competitor’s content?
The goal is to make your content material as actionable as feasible. You can attain this by filling within the blanks left via the competition, including implementable steps, and using examples.
Again, take into account that more content doesn’t constantly imply higher. You must most effective pass as deep as might be valuable to the general target audience.
For example, in case you’re writing an editorial titled “How to Write Your First Post on WordPress,” you probably don’t need to encompass an in-depth segment on the way to pick out a content control system as they’ve manifestly already finished so.
By together with only what your target audience will locate precious, you show a degree of understanding as to the target market’s operating expertise. That goes an extended manner to lend credibility to your
You may additionally note that many effects on the first page of SERPs were posted in the closing year or so. That’s now not a twist of fate.
Freshness is a component that’s checked out while thinking about the overall nice of
When creating a new piece of content as a part of the Skyscraper Technique, you have the benefit of freshness. Your piece may be the newest and, presumably, the most up to date.
Just examine the hyperlink you’re hoping to update. You may additionally see damaged links, out-of-date stats, or even vintage variations of software program featured in screenshots.
This is wherein you could stand out, by means of offering freshness and relevancy with your put up. You can even offer it as a promoting factor while you message the referring area.
Media content material, like photographs, films, and infographics, plays an essential function whilst rounding out a piece of writing. You have to consider how your competitor is doing media, after which do it
Ask yourself:
What kinds of media (e.G. Screenshots, diagrams, infographics) does the competition use?
Do the media formats convey the records within the simplest way viable?
What new varieties of media can I upload to my content material (e.G. Video, updated infographics) to make it stand out?
The key right here is to apply media in which suitable, however not overdo it for the sake of adding specific media to your content. Essentially, you want to feature media—whether that’s a brand new form of media or one used on comparable articles—that adds cost on your target market. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you must try to assume outdoor the field.
Step 3: Reach Out to Referring Domains and Request to Replace the Original
This may be the maximum intimidating step, however it’s additionally the maximum important.
Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be difficult. You just need to do a chunk of studies, and then you may draft an electronic mail template to ship to all your contacts at once.
If you went with the example idea “X SEO Techniques to Drive Traffic” from above, the two competitors you’d need to goal—Ahrefs and Single Grain—have 1,796 and 2,357 one-way links respectively. You probably don’t have the time or choice to reach out to all of those websites. However, you don’t ought
This brings the number of back-links from 1,796 to one,640. Not earth-shattering, however you’re not carried out but.
Now, open the “Advanced Filters” dropdown. Here, you can encompass or exclude sure referring domain names, anchor text, and zones (i.E. .Com.Au, .Com.De, and many others.).
I propose you exclude the domain of the URL you’re seeking to replace (in this example, ahrefs.Com) as they’re not going to get rid of their own link and replace with yours. You can also exclude popular hyperlink shortening domain names (e.G. Bit.Ly) or domain names where a hyperlink is created for private use (e.G. Ift.Tt)
Finally, you can sort. First type with the aid of Last Seen. This is the ultimate time seek bots had been capable of verify the lifestyles of the link. There isn’t any tough-and-rapid rule right here, but it’s probable whatever older than 12 to 18 months is secure to exclude. You also can sort through Spam Score so all of your top outcomes will be both “N/A” or much less than 25 percent.
Now, export to CSV, delete the rows older than 18 months or higher than 25 percentage Spam Score, and you have your listing of top domains to goal.

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