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Which is better, WordPress posts or pages?

WordPress pages
Pages in WordPress are supposed to maintain content that can be taken into consideration greater “evergreen,” which include the home web page, product/service pages, or approximately us-kind content.

Pages can be nested to create a listing shape through making one web page the “discern” of every other.

Generally, pages can not leverage classes, tags and authors and are normally not included in RSS feeds from the website.

WordPress posts
Posts in WordPress link the platform returned to its roots as a blogging platform. Posts were supposed to keep information-related, time-touchy, and other content material that might be related to web sites which can be strictly blogs.

Posts are time-pushed and might leverage categories, tags, and authors for archive pages and on-web page search. Posts are included in RSS feeds.

Content authors could make posts appear in a listing shape with the aid of putting in classes, which can be in discern/child relationships, and growing the shape in the Permalinks settings inside the WordPress settings.

One essential factor to don’t forget: Both pages and posts are content material on your users and the serps.

The internet site proprietor sets their look and use. Pages and posts can be used interchangeably for any cause – though it’s a horrible idea to mix similar content between the 2 formats.

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